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In 2009, Huishan moved from banking operations to client advisory in the wealth management industry. Her compelling motivation was the desire to be involved in a type of work that has a direct impact on the lives of others, while simultaneously having autonomy over the quality of her own work. As Huishan grew in her advisory practice, she became increasingly aware of how fragmented piecemeal advice can adversely impact clients. This brought her to Highlife Advisory in 2013, where she found like-minded partners who cared about people, valued substance over form, and persevered in building a professional practice founded on the core purpose of helping people realise their hopes, goals, and dreams for themselves and their families.

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Graduating with a double specialization in Banking and Finance, and Marketing from Nanyang Business School, Huishan is always looking for ways to develop herself professionally. Since 2013, she has attained certifications including the Certified Associate Estate Planning Practitioner (AEPP®), the Master Fund Advisor (MFA), and the globally recognized Certified Financial Planner (CFP®).

While being actively involved in the management and operations of Highlife Advisory, Huishan continues to serve and advise clients using Highlife’s unique collaborative model – PlanSmart360. This approach helps clients attain a comprehensive understanding of their existing portfolio, spanning across financial and legal aspects. As a result, clients are empowered to make smart decisions to grow, nurture and safeguard their wealth in a meaningful way, while simultaneously ensuring a harmonious asset distribution for a lasting legacy.

During this process, a personalised Box of Wishes® containing a tailored assortment of tools and support is curated for each client. Working together, the Box of Wishes® serves as a comprehensive aid and valuable companion to help clients navigate in their smart planning journey across various stages of life.

Huishan enjoys and values her relationship with all her clients. She believes that continuous involvement in the field is necessary for her to stay relevant, enabling her to grow this safe space and one-stop experience for Highlife and its clients.

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In her personal time, Huishan enjoys spending quality time with her family and friends. She is also a proud paw-rent of her Shih Tzu named Puji. Together, they are passionate about bringing joy, comfort, and therapy to those in need by spending time and being there for them. As a team, they participate regularly in pet therapy events, bringing smiles to people from all walks of life.


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