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We’re a team that’s dedicated to helping you realise your hopes, goals and dreams, even after you’ve journeyed on. Highlife Advisory understands the importance of preserving your values and wishes, ensuring that they are treated with the care and respect they deserve.

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The Truth About Estate Planning

One of the biggest misconceptions about estate planning is that it’s only intended for individuals of high net worth. In actual fact, it’s important for everyone who has something or someone they care about – regardless if you’re a young parent, small business owner or in your golden years. 

By planning how your estate (finances, property, and the like) will be distributed after you’ve passed on, you ensure that the people you care about will always be well looked after, and that the possessions you intend for them reach them in the manner you wish.

Which is why our aim is to help you create a more harmonious asset distribution with our unique mechanism: the Box of Wishes®.

For Peace of Mind, Long After Your Time

At Highlife Advisory, we’re driven by a sense of purpose. After all, the biggest thing that fuels what we do is why we do it.

Having worked in the industry for over 30 years, we’ve seen wishes of those who’ve passed on reach their families only to cause conflict and confusion in already troubling and grief-stricken times. Often times, family values and relationships are forgotten in favour of quickly drawn-up wills or legal documents that bring no comfort to those in need of it.

With this mind, we wanted to create a safe space for our clients to share their concerns and guide them work towards a future of financial well-being for themselves and their family. Our unique Funnel-Based Estate Planning System and connections with trusted individuals in the industry helps achieve this while ensuring the continuity of our client’s wishes long after they’ve journeyed on.

Working Together Courageously

We bring our whole heart into our work, and build collaborations based on a deep sense of trust, commitment and accountability.

Caring Because We’re Family

We care for the well-being of our people, turning Highlife Advisory into an environment of joy, support and fun.

Being Exceptionally Good

Apart from working effectively, we pride ourselves on being able to hold true to our morals and values in an industry where ethics and excellence are scarce.

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Hosanna Grace Lin walked me through estate planning and the different policies I have, and explained the coverage of each – something that is very helpful for me as I have gotten policies from different insurance companies. She's really good as she provided a good comparator and was very clear in explaining what I have in hand and what benefits me and my family short and long term. 

She's really reliable, holds your hand, honest, knowledgeable and very patient!

Jean Sella Christine Garcia


It was a very comfortable experience as Qaiser sat through with me to address my concerns and gave me various options to decide what I want. The whole procedure was very thorough and clear. Would recommend people to give it a try! ?

Kan Shu Ting


I was introduced to Catherine Tan and instantly knew she was the one who could help with my planning. Throughout the entire journey, she was caring, patient, helpful and very resourceful. She understood all my needs and provided me with sound and effective alternatives and options. 

My planning was finalised within a reasonably short period and I couldn't have done it without Catherine. What's more important to me is that other than being an advisor to me, Catherine has become a friend! Would certainly recommend people to start planning with Highlife!

Calvin Cheong


Hui Shan has been very patient and meticulous in her explanation on estate planning as well as my retirement plans. My mind is very much at ease now that I know how much money I will get should I retire. I also know the actual division of my assets amongst my loved ones after I pass on!

Veronica Ho Chiew Har

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Curious about how Highlife can help you with all your estate planning needs? Connect with our experienced advisors for a complimentary one-on-one consultation session! No obligations – just bring your hopes, goals, and dreams with you.

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Peter And Susan

The Empty Nesters.

We want the absolute best for our children and grandchildren.

Paul & Pauline

Couple with Dependent Children.

My partner and I are not strangers to hard work. We work hard to give our children a good life.


The High Flyer Single Female.

I’m an independent and empowered career woman, and take pride in supporting my loved ones.

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