Manager, Family Advocate

Leaving her comfort zone with the objective of wanting to help more people, Marie joined the financial industry in 2011. Prior to this, Marie had worked in an MNC for 3 years. This was after graduating with a BSc in Banking and Finance and acquiring the Associate Estate Planning Practitioners (AEPP) certificate. 

Since then, Marie has been passionate about connecting with people and helping families with financial literacy and estate planning. Being a mother of 2 young children, she understands that many families are busy with day-to-day activities and responsibilities, hence naturally neglecting this area of planning. She plays an active role in educating, encouraging, and guiding clients by giving them practical advice and addressing their high-priority concerns at different stages of their life.

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Marie is particularly compassionate towards families who have lost their loved ones, especially those who might struggle with estate distribution due to unexpected probate complications. Diligently striving to help her clients through holistic planning, she commits to being the trusted advisor for this community by assuring and guiding them step by step with Highlife’s unique mechanism, the Box of Wishes®.

Marie believes in doing her very best in every role she takes on. Her goal is to be able to give back to the community by positively impacting, encouraging, inspiring, and helping others. She maintains that even a smile can bring so much to a stranger.

More About Marie

As someone with a soft spot for the elderly community, Marie serves in her church on Sundays amongst senior citizens. Being meticulous, caring, and process driven, she leads a team of volunteers and ensures that the venue is properly equipped and ready to welcome the elderly. During her free time, she enjoys going on long walks and hikes with her friends and family as a way to bond and communicate with them.


We met several times and went through so many details – I had no idea doing a will was so complex, but now I understand that every piece of information captured ensures that my will is properly executed! I am grateful to Marie for being so meticulous and dedicated when planning my will. I highly recommend her and the agency to any of my interested friends.

Cecilia Loke

Estate planning has helped me better understand what I need when planning for my retirement, rather than just for my death only. I am now approaching retirement with a better frame of mind after taking care of my medical and financial concerns. I’m thankful for Marie: she has meticulously advised me, assured me and encouraged me through the years.

Cecilia Tham

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