Executive Estate Planner, Experienced Advisor

With over 13 years of experience under her wing, Amy’s passion and dedication shows in her work and achievements.

In 2011, she acquired the Associate Financial Consultant (AFC®), which helps her provide her clients with customised, professional financial services. She subsequently attained the Associate Estate Planning Practitioner (AEPP®) in 2019 to offer estate and succession planning advice to all who need it, enhancing her practice of comprehensive holistic planning.

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As an accomplished financial consultant, Amy often noticed that families are left bewildered and overwhelmed after dealing with distribution issues of a deceased family member’s unorganised estate resulting in confusion, conflict and costs. She also realised that individuals can eliminate thousands in fees by consolidating their assets and distributing them according to their wishes via estate planning and proper drafting of Will.

To help bridge these gaps in estate planning, Amy joined Highlife Advisory in 2018, an advisory firm specialising in Estate Planning. Through Highlife’s unique mechanism – the Box of Wishes®, she commits to conserve and create clients’ assets to minimise confusion, conflict and costs for their loved ones. 

Through holistic planning, Amy strives to deliver clarity for individuals and give them dignity and peace of mind in bad times, while helping them achieve their goals and dreams in good times. Married couples with children usually benefit the most from her consultations and she aims to reach and impact many more of such families. 

More About Amy

During her free time, Amy enjoys cycling and swimming. She also loves cooking and exploring ways to live a healthier lifestyle such as practising intermittent fasting and going on keto diets.


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